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We at Goldschwein Tattoo have been cleaning house and straightening up - so come on in, take off your shoes, take a seat and get comfortable. Ideally, you've taken the day off because we sure are going to take our time. Your appointment, your day!


Ever since 2018, mass production has been on hold and good taste is definitely not a matter of opinion around here. Hard to locate but easy to get to, our studio in the beautiful city of Halle doesn't have regular opening hours. So nail down your appointment and we will let you know how to get to the cleanliest pigsty in the land of early risers.


Any remaining doubts? Maybe checking out what we do right here will help.


Schwein and Chris commend themselves.


You can help us bring order into our chaos by going for either "General inquiry" or "Appointment request" as your subject. You should also let us know who will have the honor of inflicting pain on you. With regard to your appointment, there can never be too much information you can provide in advance - which will definitely save all of us a ton of time. Most important are your design ideas, the respective body part and size for said idea, your budget and your availability time-wise.


Anything else you should know about before your appointment you can check out here (unfortunately only in German).

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now open for 2023

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